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Need inputs for USB HID keyboard + LPC1837

Question asked by vamshi krishna on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by vamshi krishna

Hi Folks,

I have LPC1837 development board, It is loaded with USBDemo firmware, I am able to build the source shared and flash it device. Its working fine.


I am working to modify the USB0 (Mass Storage Functionality) to HID Keyboard. I need some inputs for proceeding further.

I realized that there is no device configuration descriptor for USB _HID device, I have created one, which looks as below

typedef struct {

  USB_Descriptor_Configuration_Header_t Config;

  USB_Descriptor_Interface_t         Kbd_Interface;

  USB_HID_Descriptor_HID_t Kbd_Desc;

  USB_Descriptor_Endpoint_t Kbd_EndPoint;

}USB_Descriptor_Configuration_HidKbd_t; Please correct me if there is anything wrong with this piece of code.


How to use HID_DESCRIPTOR_KEYBOARD, defined in HidClassCommon.h, and what has to be done in the Callback function CreateHIDReport. Here in this means of implementation, I could not see where we pass the HID_DESCRIPTOR_KEYBOARD.


My requirement is to have a audio device on USB-1 and HID Keyboard on USB-0


Please give your inputs.