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Creating Ethernet socket in RTCS stack

Question asked by Ashi Gupta on Jun 16, 2016
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I am using MCF54415 with MQX version 4.2 for my project. MCF54415 supports two hardware ethernet ports, however i want to have one more ethernet port for some specific reqirement. For this i am using external ethernet controller connected on SPI bus with MCF54415. To use RTCS stack for this port also i have done some modifications in BSP to use sento and recvfrom command same as used for ethernet 1 and 2. With these modification i am able to transmit and receive UDP packets on my Ethernet 3 port using RTCS stack. My requirement is to communicate to a PC based application on Ethernet. On Ethernet 3 which i have created using some modifications in BSP, i am able to connect my PC based application but as soon as i open port via application it starts sending ARP message rather than UDP message. When i connect same application on Ethernet 1 and 2, it works well. This shows that PC based application is working fine but as soon as i connect it to Ethernet 3 it doesnt work.

Did any one tried creating extra port in RTCS stack ?? Any suggestions for this issue ??