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GPIO interrupt delay on LPC 1769

Discussion created by Romain Huet on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2016 by lpcware

Hello everybody,

I'm new here and I have a small problem with the GPIO interrupt ( LPC 1769). I manage to run the "Pinint.c" program, both with rising or falling edge. But i would like to know if it's normal to have a constant 1.5 micro second delay between the edge of my signal and the start of the handler. I just switch on a led in the interruption program and i can see that the led is on 1.5 microsecond after the edge of my signal.

It seems long and i would like to decrease that but it's like it cannot be shortened. What is the reason of that delay? I read that this GPIO is asynchronous so it should be shorter that a microsecond, isn't it?


Sorry for my english, hoping i'm understandable!