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TJA1100 dimensions of capacitances of the PI-filters

Discussion created by Jerome Herzog on Jun 16, 2016
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Hi NXP-community,


I have a question about the PI-filters and their dimensions of the capacitances.

In the application-hints of TJA1100 there are shown two figures, firure 6 and figure 13.

The capacitance right to the supply coming from the LDO, what is the dimension? Are them the 22µF shown in figure 13 or not? So if they are, then my PI-filter will be build this way:  supply(3V3) -> cap(22µ) -> ferrite -> cap(470n) ? (f.e.VDDA(3V3)).

Am I correct? So I only unsure aboiut the cap after the LDO.


Thanks in advance.