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SC16IS762 problem

Question asked by wang liang on Jun 16, 2016

Hello :

I am using sc16is762 .

I use a serial tool send 90 bytes one time.

It happend sometimes that   the data read from spi  RHR register do not update.

The fifo rx level  read  rxlen = sc16is7xx_port_read(port, SC16IS7XX_RXLVL_REG);

it is 0x40 ,show that the fifo is full.

But I use  this function to read the fifo

  regmap_raw_read(s->regmap, SC16IS7XX_RHR_REG,  s->buf, rxlen);

But the fifo still the same ,it do not update again.but I only send 90 bytes.

If I read the fifo ,the fifo should cleared,It seems that the chip is halt .

Does anyone know how to fix it ?