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FlexNVM and FlexRAM configuration

Question asked by Preet Mehta on Jun 16, 2016
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I am trying to back up my system data of around 5 KB into FlexRAM in Kinetis (K61). I have referred KQURG and AN4282 and device specific RM. reading all that I was able to summarize the detail as follows.

1. endurance of the FlexRAM is totally dependent on the variables in the equation.

2. from that equation I was able to conclude that if I use minimum FlexRAM for EEE and whole FlexNVM as E-flash I get the max endurance keeping partition factor 1/8 (which is the division factor only that comparitively makes the endurance higher than 1/2 or 1/4) lets say for my 5 KB of data, can I keep the EEE 32 bytes (which is the possible minimum)???

3. next question is for 32 or 16 bit mode the multiplication factor is 0.5 (higher than the 0.25 for 8 bits) makes the endurance more, so to write 16 or 32 bits on EEE does there any configuration? or I just have to access the location with respective type of pointers???

4. next question is, when FlexRAM is partitioned for EEE the unused portion can never be used in future? If No, How we can configure that? (because as stated in the 2nd point, it is visible that to keep the EEE as low as possible, so will it make the rest of FlexRAM unusable for the lifetime??)

5. one more question is endurance cycles derived from the equation are for one location only or whole subsystem?? does EEE uses only one subsystem or it switches internally (coz subsytem A endurance is dependant on the partition factor)

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