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Measured Latency of PREEMPT_RT SDK 2.0?

Question asked by pro-supportengineer Employee on Jun 16, 2016

What is the measured and expected latency the PREEMPT_RT with full preemption enabled in SDK 2.0 on the Cortex-ARM53, o5 LS1043ARDB?


Or, anything comparable, e.g., the TWR-LS1021A or LS2080 that support the PREEMPT_RT according to the SDK 2.0 QorIQ Document? 


Is there a NXP paper or site available describing measurements and profiling for PREEMPT_RT with full preemption enabled?


Also, I see a 4.1.7-rt8 patch but no 4.1.8-rt8 and 4.1.9 patches are missing.  Is there another repo that has the 4.1.8-rt8 patch and I assume NXP didn’t change anything for the patch?