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Helps on PWM output from K64F

Question asked by Lin YE on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by Lin YE

Hi All,


I am new to K64F. Recently,  I am trying to use K64F to output a PWM signal from an GPIO ( PTB 18) with KDS 3.2 and KSDK 2.0.


So far, I have no idea on how to FTM with KSDK 2.0 to generate PWM signal. I saw lots of demo applications from KSDS 2.0, those demo applications helps a lot. But I can not find any example or demo on how to use FTM to generate PWM output.


Is there any application note available on how to use FTM with KSDK 2.0 ?

Or any demo code? It really helps a lot!


Thank you so much for helping me,