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How to enter LPC824 I2C slave mode(SLVPENDING bit problem)

Question asked by Jiayi Yu on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2016 by lpcware

Hi all,

I am now working on the LPC824 as I2C slave to receive data from the master.

Now the program is that the SLVPENDING bit cannot become 1(default 0) after I enable the I2C slave function.

This leads to that the slave cannot acknowledge the slave address which the master sends.

And the salve cannot communicate with the master.


Does anyone can help me to enter LPC824 I2C slave mode successfully(let SLVPENDING bit become 1)?


Thanks a lot if you can help me to solve the problem.


Following are my codes:

Now it always in the loop to check if the SLVPENDING bit is 1. Actually for some reason, the SLVPENDING bit is always 0. So the next codes cannot be executed.






Best regards,

Jiayi Yu