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S912ZVCA192 Sleep, Wake Issue

Discussion created by kiran bhat on Jun 16, 2016
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I am Using S912ZVCA192 controller. I want the controller to go to sleep mode and then wake it up with Key Wake up Interrupt.



I am Using

asm ANDCC #0x7F;  //clear S bit - enable the stop mode. If the S bit is not

                      //cleared then STOP instruction has no effect and is

                      //executed as a dummy instruction NOP.


    asm STOP;         //STOP mode

to go to sleep mode.



I am configuring KWP interrupt before executing the above Instruction.

/*configure port AD for KWU feature*/

    DDRAD_DDRADL3 = 0;            /* Configure PAD3 as input */ 

  DIENADL_DIENADL3 = 1;         /* Pin is configured as digital input */

  PERAD_PERADL3 = 0;            /* Enable Pull Device on PAD3 */

  PPSAD_PPSADL3 = 1;            /* Configure interrupt for Rising Edge */

  PIEAD_PIEADL3 = 1;            /* Enable Interrupt on PAD3 (KWAD3) */

And In ISR of KWP


interrupt VectorNumber_Vportad HLUWAKE_INT(void)



     CPMUCOP = 0x01;

     CPMUARMCOP = 0x50U;

     CPMUARMCOP = 0xA0U;



The problem is controller does not enters full stop mode.





Kiran Bhat