Memory full?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by wortel on Wed Feb 09 03:45:04 MST 2011
I've used the demo FreeRtOS and combined it with the i2c, spi, analog and UART demo's to get a working setup.
I do use the printf routine and retargeted it (done using the demo code) to output to the UART.

There arent any calculations yet done, only some small variables <20 bytes each for each demo to store some external data (gyro, accelero meter, temp).

Now I get this error message:

make: *** [SimpleDemo.axf] Error 1SimpleDemoline 0C/C++ Problem
region MFlash32 overflowed by 192 bytesSimpleDemoline 0C/C++ Problem
SimpleDemo.axf section .data will not fit in region MFlash32SimpleDemoline 0C/C++ Problem

If I remove a single printf, the overflowed error indeed reduces. Does it mean that the memory is already full?  I almost can't believe it since I do not have that many things yet in my project.

Would an upgrade of red suite offer an solution?

The last time that it DID compile, this was my status:

   text   data    bss    dec    hexfilename
  31892    532   4552  36976   9070SimpleDemo.axf

From that I conclude that i used only 32k for code? and 6k for data? Far less than 128k I think...?