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Content originally posted in LPCWare by JulianCox on Fri Feb 10 09:18:00 MST 2012
I Have just been given a LPC1114 LPCXpresso board and I have installed the IDE, but as yet I have used neither. I also have a MBED board (which I have used, but not extensively), the KEIL software suite (been using it for about 20 years), a ULINK2 and a couple of Keil ARM development boards.
I would like to know: -
How interoperable is all this hardware and software?
Can I develop a solution using Keil and target it at the LPCXpresso and/or MBED boards?
Can I use the ULINK2 on LPCXpresso and MBED hardware?
Can I use the LPC-Link with Keil?
Should I dump the LPCXpresso IDE and the MBED software and only use the Keil IDE, or do the others have some particular advantage?