LPC4330-Xplorer Board with Ulink-ME

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by rons on Sun Dec 22 09:47:12 MST 2013
The package bundle I have is:

LPC4330-Xplorer board
ULINK-ME board

I downloaded lpcopen_2_04_lpcxpresso_ngx_xplorer_4330.zip
and selected the project: dc_sa_blinky_m0.

In the debug configurations I selected the debug protocol as SWD

When I click on "debug" I always get this message box:

No compatible emulators available.
They may be disconnected, not powered, already in use or not compatible with this target

Is it possible to use LPCXpresso with the Ulink-ME board?

I am using Fedora 19 Linux distro. Are people forced to use a Windows machine with
Keil IDE if they have the ULINK-ME? Keil only supports Windows.