lpcxpresso CRP problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by euripedes on Wed Jan 25 08:30:08 MST 2012
I want to use CRP in my project, but I´m getting problems when using a custom link script. I have the definitions suggested by code red:

#include <NXP/crp.h>
// Variable to store CRP value in. Will be placed automatically
// by the linker when "Enable Code Read Protect" selected.
// See crp.h header for more information
__CRP const unsigned int CRP_WORD = CRP_NO_CRP ;

But when i build the project the linker give me an error like this:

CRP Enabled, but no CRP_WORD provided within application

this happens only when using a custom link script, and I don´t know how to solve this.

Anyone had this same problem?

Thanks in advance