Example Keyboad  Host Progam

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Hi ,
I try to Example_KeyboadHost program by use  LPCXpresso_LPC1769 boad.

Example_MassStrageHost program seems run well.

Because if the usb memory insert to the usb connector, stop the program at the set the break point.

void MassStorageHost_Task(void)
if (USB_HostState[FlashDisk_MS_Interface.Config.PortNumber] != HOST_STATE_Configured)

LEDs_SetAllLEDs(LEDMASK_USB_BUSY);       // ----> set  break point

Same way set the break point for Example_KeyboadHost program.
And insert usb keyboad to the usb connector.I expect stop the set  break point.
But it wan't.

void KeyboardHost_Task(void)
if (USB_HostState[Keyboard_HID_Interface.Config.PortNumber] != HOST_STATE_Configured)

if (HID_Host_IsReportReceived(&Keyboard_HID_Interface))     //---->  set break point

I wander it need any type keyboad, or any difference setting MassStorage?
I hop any suggestion tell to me.
Best Regards,