New Project - New to NXP ARM

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Hello everyone :)

I'm starting a new project that may become a commercial product,
I decided that I'll give a try to NXP ARM processors as they seem to have a better price than the rest while mantaining all the important atributes!

Now, what I need for the microcontroller to do is:
-Operate a TFT LCD screen
-Read and write to an SD card (KBytes of info)
-Control a PWM output
-Read 3 sensors (some digital and some analogic)
-Controll a dimmable light (triacs, zero-cross detection...)
-Actuate on relays and transistor switches
-PID controller (needs to do some divisions, multiplications and sums...)

All this tasks are to be preformed inside a infinte loop, but there is no need to have them working in Real Time.

I was thinking about getting the LPC1316, but I'm not sure how it works regarding SD card libraries.  Also I don't know if it's capable of controlling the TFT.
I know some of the LPC17xx already come with this kinds of functions, but they are way more expensive...

What do you think it's better? Sticking to the LPC1316 and then get a TFT that comes with a controller or aim for a LPC17xx that already comes with the function of TFT control?

Thank you for the help!!