Only partial debug functionality on LPC1347 (Problem with Red Trace / Red Probe?)

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by gjwep on Thu Dec 19 03:21:24 MST 2013
I am using LPCXpresso 6.1.0 with a Red Probe+ on a Mac (OSX 10.9) to debug an LPC1347 based 3rd party board. The Red Probe+ connects via a 20-to-10 pin adapter to the target board.

The LPC1347 board is running at 72MHz, and has the LED on the same port as the LPCXpresso, so I'm running the LPCXpresso systick_twinkle example without modification, imported into a fresh workspace with everything at default (exceptions: disabled CRP, and changed MCU to 1347 in workspace preferences).

The example runs fine but I can only seem to get partial debug functionality. All debug stepping modes and Data Watch+ with live updates seem to work fine, but Int Statistics+, Int Trace+, and Profile+ don't. After clicking "start trace" in any of them, the respective trace is being displayed in red in the status line but none of the trace windows shows any data after the trace has been started/stopped (regardless of whether MCU is running or halted).

What am I missing?