LPCxpresso 1114 - read input problem.

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Hello guys,

As the subject says I have a problem with reading input, to be honest I really don't know and didn't find any usefull informaton about reading input in my lpcxpresso 1114.

So far I run (with sucess) freertos_main.c program which flashing the diode, now I want to make some more serious but I need to know how to get and read input signals.

All i have is:
SetGPIOOut(0, 7); // ToggleGPIOBit(0, 7);
SetGPIOOut(1, 9);//Red
SetGPIOBit(1, 9);
SetGPIOIn(1,10); //input ?

I know that "SetGPIOIn" set pin 1,10 to be input but have no idea how to read input value and dectec whether ther is or not volatge.

Also, how big voltage I can pass to input ?
Which function use to read input and how to do this ?
Can I use all pins for input or only selected ?