RedSuite V5 Debugger question

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by MikeSimmonds on Mon Jul 22 09:36:52 MST 2013
My device is an LPC1778, OS WinXP Pro SP3, Debugger RedSuite v5, LPC-Link2

From reset, the execution path ALWAYS gies through PC = X (in flash, value not important)

If I am in a debug session at PC X+N (again, value not relevant)

I put a breakpoint at X (which is in flash).

Now if I run from the point X+N to code that issues a self reset
(via the SYSRESETREQ bit in the Cortex M3 AIRCR register)

What happens to the debug connection?

I would hope that a break at 'X' will occur, having reached there from the
(non-relocated) reset vector.

Note that the UM10470 states for this bit
"This is intended to force a large system reset of all major
components except for debug. Note: SYSRESETREQ is
supported in LPC178x/177x devices.
This bit reads as 0."

Note especially except for debug.

Regards, Mike