Custom 1764 schematic/board with LPC Expresso and LPC-LINK2 issues

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by micro9000 on Mon Jul 22 09:34:34 MST 2013
Hey guys, I'm in need of some assistance with my setup. I am using the LPC-Link 2 with LPC Expresso (v5.2.6) and SWD for programming SWIO,SWDCLK, and reset). Here is the schematic I have made and I am currently following:


One interesting thing I found was that if I move RESET to pin 5 instead of pin 6 of the LP-LINK 2 it is able to program. However, the program does not appear to run (no LED blinking).

I'm not 100% on the connections and would appreciate any feedback, suggestions, etc. I have successfully gotten an LED blinking off of
p0.22, but I am now having difficulties. For instance, when going to program I now get several errors ranging from target is not debuggable,
invalid processor ID, peripheral access denied, etc. Again, this wasn't an issue before, but then these errors started to randomly occur when
trying to program, and now it happens all the time. The most common error I now get when trying to program is "target is not degbugabble."
I have tried the ISP fix. However, the vector cache setting to True doesn't seem to go through (it still says is it false), so I'm not sure
what I am doing wrong to set it as true (edit current launch, create new, then under debug tab select vector cache as true). I really am
having a rough time with fixing this issue and could really use some help from more experienced individuals. Thank you.