How to run a project on LPCXpresso1769?

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I use CLEV663B board (CLRC663 reader board and LPCXpresso1769 board) . My CLRC663 reader board is configurated to run in UART.
I would like to know how to run a project that is describe in this document (http://www.nxp.com/documents/application_note/AN11211.pdf).
I follow steps but I don't understand why it doesn't work.
After importation of the librairy (attached file). I Debug NfcrdlibEx5_ISO15693 for example and I click on the button resume.
I get this text in the console window:

*** ISO 15693 Example ***

Reader chip RC663: 0x18

Ready to detect

I haven't got error message, and the board doesn't detect any RFID tags

If anyone has a hint, I would appreciate

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