pwm - determine the edge type

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I'm trying to figure out how to setup pwm for my purposes. The feature I'm missing is a detection of the edge type. I want to detect both edges on MAT inputs (set in CTCR). But I need to know which edge is which... or at least I need to know the first detected edge type - the next I know will happen in alternating order. I hope you know what I mean...
I need to know if the edge that I capture is rising or falling edge because I need to measure the period between the rising and falling edge.
How can one do that?

ps: lpc1769
ps2: Table 427. on page 494, chapter 21.6.2. Timer Control Register (T[0/1/2/3]CR - 0x4000 4004, 0x4000 8004, 0x4009 0004, 0x4009 4004) of the UM10360 states:
"When one, the Timer Counter and Prescale Counter are enabled for counting. When 1, the counters are disabled. " - What's that suppose to mean? :)
My guess is that 'When 1' should be 'When 0' - then it makes sense.