LPC1227 issue with GPIO0_19-24 in DeepSleep

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by hub.martin on Fri Jan 20 15:36:00 MST 2012
when I enter the Deep Sleep mode, pins 19-24 on GPIO0 are set as logic zero (or semi-state?)no matter how I try co configure them before the sleep (output DIR, no pull-up, logical one, digital, GPIO pin mode). Every settings looks perfect but in the moment when the MCU enters the Deep Sleep mode, the outputs are at logical zero. The thing is that I have connected some LEDs to this pins with anode on Vcc and cathodes on these pins. So when the device enters DSleep the LEDs are glowing a little and consuming power.

I've spent few days trying to figure out what's wrong. Triple checked registers over debugger... Changing schematics it's not a option - I have to find error in my configuration.

Has anyone have any idea what I should check?
Thanks for every advice!