Newbie LPC_PINCON->PINSEL clarification

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Good day

I am brand new with ARM microcontrollers and is still at the beginning of the learning curve.

I need to set P3_25 and 26 as GPIO outputs that are pulled low.

In the LPCXpresso included example code (LPCXpresso_Systick_Twinkle) I see that P0_22 is set up with:
LPC_PINCON->PINSEL1    &= (~(3 << 12)); // Set P0_22 to 00 - GPIO
I can not understand the link between PINSEL1 and P0_22. I can not find any documentation explaining this. The closest assumption I could make is that PINSEL0 holds the 32 bits to control the first 16pins, and that P0_22 would then start at the 12th bit of PINSEL1 because it is the 6th pin of the next group.

I can not figure out how that would translate when I want to switch on P3_25 and P3_26.