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Content originally posted in LPCWare by theasus on Sat Jun 25 03:17:41 MST 2011
When   I tried to compile  main.c file which is located at   "AN10960 DALI slave using the LPC1112  " , It gave some errors;

My compiler is Keil uVision 4.21.

dali_drv.c(212): error:  #20: identifier "SystemFrequency" is undefined

ballast.c(137): error:  #136: struct "<unnamed>" has no field "SYSTICKCLKDIV"

ballast.c(138): error:  #20: identifier "SystemFrequency" is undefined

ballast.c(141): error:  #136: struct "<unnamed>" has no field "JTAG_TDO_PIO1_1"

flash.c(49): error:  #20: identifier "SystemFrequency" is undefined

Could you propose anything?I have read this application note But I couldn't understand why did original application note codes give errors?