Error while using LPCScrypt to flash LPCXpresso54102

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I am using NXP OM13078  DEV BRD, LPC54102 SENSOR PROCESS/MOTION for my project.My binary file is 160 KB in size.I get an error every time I try to flash it using LPCScrypt .I have installed all the pre-requisite firmware needed for LPC Scyrpt and have made DFULink  linked with a jumper.

My targetinfo is as follows:

LPC4325: BankA 384KB, BankB 384KB PartID: 0xa001cb3c 0x2 Clock: 180000000Hz
BankA: 0x1a000000-0x1a05ffff (384K bytes) PageSize: 0x1000
BankB: 0x1b000000-0x1b05ffff (384K bytes) PageSize: 0x1000
EEPROM: 0x20040000-0x20043f7f (16256 bytes) PageSize: 0x80
ID: 0x700802d 0xab359807 0x50b3f84f 0xf5000580

The error that I get when I try to flash using LPCScrypt executables in BankA is as follows: 

....LPC_Error Address not in Flash 0x9 0x1a020000
Error: <Command line>:1: Address not in Flash 0x9 0x1a020000
   Script cmd:      program images\my_binary.bin BankA
   Last target cmd: =programPage 1a020000 6
Terminated with errors

Address shown "not in flash" seems to me as to be present in BankA. So I am stuck without a solution.

Any help in this matter will much be appreciated.

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