GDB Command Line and Vector Catch

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Two questions:

1. How can the "vector catch" option be enabled when using GDB from the command line?

2. Would this handler to break into the debugger in a hard fault work with the LPCXpresso toolchain?

void HardFault_Handler (void) {
  if (CoreDebug->DHCSR & 1) { // check C_DEBUGEN == 1 -> Debugger Connected
    __breakpoint (0); // halt program execution here
  while (1); // enter endless loop otherwise

It came from this Keil app note.

Application Note 209 - Using Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 Fault Exceptions


BTW - The command line GDB document in the Wiki should be updated to list the LPC18xx/LPC43xx driver (crt_emu_lpc18_43_nxp).