DCF receiver

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Hello all,

I was looking for some DCF77 receiver code for the ARM Cortex-M3 series (I am going to use a LPC13xx or LPC17xx depending on the size of the finished code)
I used google to do a search but i guess that i was looking at the wrong places because all i got was sample code for Microchip's PIC series and Atmel AVR.

Since i hate reinventing the hot water i am so free to ask if there exist some code to decode a DCF77 bitstream. The bitrate is 1 bit a second (a 100ms puls = 0 and a 200ms puls = 1) and for more information you can visit these websites:

http://www.dcf77.de/  (only in German)

I already use a very acurate RTC chip DS3232. I only need the DCF receiver to set the clock in the RTC chip and to keep it synchronised.