PIO1_11 does not read correctly

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Hi All,

            I am using LPC1114 in my project. I am trying to set PIO1_11 as digital input and and it does not read the correctly.

I have initialised the pin direction correctly which I can confirm using the debugger.  The pin is tied to a  3V3 line. [B]I am getting the pin status as low. The pin status read using the debugger is also low but I can see using [COLOR=Red]oscilloscope that its high[/COLOR][/B].

I have tried this on the LPC Expresso board (LPC1114)

#define HDW_IP_BTN_P_11_BIT            11
) {
    bool status;

    status = (LPC_GPIO1->DATA & ( 1 << HDW_IP_BTN_P_11_BIT)) ? FALSE : TRUE;
    return status;

Can anyone please let me know whats happening ?