Hex file, binary file and relocating an application to different address

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We are using LPCXpresso v5.2.6_2137

we have customized boot loader and an application, we want our application to start from 0x3000 address

1) please help us in relocating the application from 0x3000 address.

2)following is the command used in post build steps for application to create .hex and .bin file, please let us know is command correct

arm-none-eabi-size "${BuildArtifactFileName}"; arm-none-eabi-objcopy -O ihex "${BuildArtifactFileName}" "${BuildArtifactFileBaseName}.hex" ;  arm-none-eabi-objcopy -O binary "${BuildArtifactFileName}" "${BuildArtifactFileBaseName}.bin" ; #checksum -p ${TargetChip} -d "${BuildArtifactFileBaseName}.bin";

3)following are the last few lines of intel hex file, in last but one line the record type is 3 what should we do with record type 3 , how to handle it, in the equivalent binary file last two lines will not be there.


to summarize
please help us in relocating the application to 0x3000 location, how to handle record type 3 in intel hex file is our post build command correct.

Thank you