No longer able to program flash

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I am working on a dual-core application targeting the LPCXpresso 54102 evaluation board.  After recently making some simple changes to the C code, I am no longer able to flash the device.  I get this message:

Ni: LPCXpresso RedlinkMulti Driver v7.8 (May 28 2015 03:19:07 - crt_emu_cm_redlink.exe build 388)
Pc: (  0) Reading remote configuration
Pc: (  5) Remote configuration complete
Nc: Probe Firmware: LPC-Link-II CMSIS-DAP (NXP)
Nc: VID:PID:  1FC9:0090
Nc: USB Path: \\?\hid#vid_1fc9&pid_0090&mi_00#7&1ab974eb&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}
Pc: ( 30) Emulator Connected
Pc: ( 40) Debug Halt
Pc: ( 50) CPU ID
Nc: Emu(0): Conn&Reset. DpID: 2BA01477. CpuID: 410FC240. Info: (null)
Nc: Debug protocol: SWD. RTCK: Disabled. Vector catch: Disabled.
Nc: loaded v.2 On-chip Flash Memory LPC5410x_512K.cfx
Nc: image 'LPC5410x (512K Flash) May 21 2015 09:32:17'
Pc: ( 65) Chip Setup Complete
Nt: Connected: was_reset=true. was_stopped=false
Cr:v LPCXpresso Free License - Download limit is 256K
Pc: ( 70) License Check Complete
Nt: Loading ELF file 'spectrum-analyzer-m4-master.axf' at location 00000000
Nt: Writing 24940 bytes to address 0x00000000 in Flash
Pb: 1 of 1 (  0) Writing pages 0-0 at 0x00000000 with 24940 bytes
Ps: (  0) at 00000000: 0 bytes - 0/24940
Ps: ( 65) at 00000000: 16384 bytes - 16384/24940
Ps: (131) at 00004000: 16384 bytes - 32768/24940
Nc: Progress meter completed at over 100% (32768/24940 bytes)
Nt: Erased/Wrote page  0-0 with 24940 bytes in 397msec
Pb: (100) Finished writing Flash successfully.
Nt: Flash Write Done
Nt: Loaded 0x616C bytes in 527ms (about 47kB/s)
Nt: Loading ELF file 'spectrum-analyzer-m4-master.axf' at location 020108E4
Nt: Writing 4 bytes to address 0x020108E4 in Flash
Ed:05: File 'spectrum-analyzer-m4-master.axf' load failure: Eg(10). Attempt to load into missing flash area.
Pc: (100) Target Connection Failed

I don't know why it no longer working.  Any help would be appreciated.  I have attached my projects in a single ZIP file.

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