USB device operation help

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ranaya on Mon Jul 02 20:21:55 MST 2012
Hello Every1......

    I need some advice to make my usb device work. I planned to use it as a self powered device because after the configuration of the device via PC is done, it should operate as a standalone device (data logger).
   According to the getting started doc and forum threads, 5v,D-,D+ and Gnd of USB should be connected to VIN, D-, D+ and GND of the board respectively. And it works.

But to power up the lpc1769 xpresso board as a self powered device, I use a battery supply and connect it to the 2nd pin VIN of the board. And just tied D-, D+ and GND of usb cable to relevant pins. But the usb enumeration does not happen. What might be the cause ? Is it my wiring ? Or the software ? (I modified the descriptor too for selfpowered - VCOM demo project)