LPC11C24 c-can isp

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jharwood on Sun Jun 19 20:50:03 MST 2011
Can not [sic] seem to get the c-can isp 'go' command to work :confused:

All the other sdo functions work just fine: read part id, boot code version, serial number, write to RAM, erase sectors, copy RAM to flash etc.

A blinky demo bin file is sent to the lpc11c24 via c-can isp and it runs great if the lpc11c24 is given a hard reset. But not if the c-can isp 'go' command is used.

Attaching the LPC-link and using the debugger to find out where the lpc11c24 actually is, reveals that it is stuck here:

0x1fff0e4a b.n         0x1fff0e4a
There's a small error in the UM10398:


20.6.8  Go (C_CAN ISP)
             Write the start address into [0x5070, 0]. Then ...

should be:


             Write the start address into [0x5070, [B]1[/B]]. Then ...

Otherwise, you get an abort code 0x0601 0002 'Attempt to write a read-only object'

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated :)