LPC1769_100MHz core clock (?)

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[FONT=Century Gothic]Dear friends
I have read the UM datasheet, the blinky example, the timers example e.t.c , even the xls calculator given by NXP for calculating M, and N portions of the 32bit register configuration for the PLL0.

So i collected 3 questions/notes (sorry if they seem to childish for some of you)

-1- The M and N values that the xls calculator exports are true or the UM is true that says in small letters >>>>  N-1,  M-1   ? ? ?

-2-Suppose i want a 100MHz core clock >> AFTER the prescaller of the main clock, What on earth are your M and N values and prescaller settings with a 12MHz external clock ? I managed core clock (cclk) only up to 33.3MHz (cclk/3 - 100/3 - the /1 and /2 values are forbiden as i read).

-3- Is there a magic tool in excel or VB or something so i can get my hex value of the PLL0CGF register at once , and not breaking my head to combine the M,N portions and some dummy bits of this 32bit register, then converting in binary, then converting it into a hex monsterous byte?

Thanks all for your kind patience

(newbie to ARM's . . .:o comming from the AVR "poor" 8bit world)[/FONT]