Features I would Like to See of the LPC11XX

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by moises on Mon Apr 12 07:03:50 MST 2010

After a rough start with the LPC11XX tools
I am still hopeful about the potential this new micros
can bring the the embedded industry.

But before I commit to new family of micros there are a few
things lacking on the current LPC11 that I would like to see
in new devices such as:

1.- Real Time Clock with Calendar and alarm functions.
      Very useful in applications requiring time stamping.
2.- CAN nad LIN serial interfaces
3.- 12-Bit ADC
4.- Internal EEProm
    Some of the 8-Bit micros have some EEPROM
5.- Internal regulator
6.- Maybe and External Memory Interface.

Just some suggestions.

Remember some of the 8, 16-bit micros on the market today have some if not all this peripherals included.