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guys.. i got my controller which is the cortex-3 1769
and this is first time getting into arm programming...
i am studying the libraries right now
looks pretty weird but it's very fun
plz can any body give be a simple and i mean a very
basic code example of setting a GPIO high or low
basically a blinking example...
and also a simple example of how to set/use the RTC to a certain
also what is the comparison between the PINSEL_CFG_Type and the
also a basic example of the PINSEL_CFG_Type

am not asking for huge 30 line code

i just want to get the feel and observe library pattern
this might sound very stupid but i when see something like
and then am like oookayyy so .... what is this suppose to mean i do somehow understand the Byte part but i just want to see it in a simple code.
i replace the TypeDef by what ?
specific answer would help but a simple code would be much better
once again thanks guys.
am really getting hardcore on this micro-controller this summer
and definitely will be asking more questions. :D!!
thanks again guys