LCP1769 / Hitex LPC1850EVAL-A4

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by janderson on Tue Jun 04 07:42:51 MST 2013
I am currently working to program the Hitex LPC1850EVAL-A4 board via the LPC-Link's 10-pin JTAG interface using the LPC1769. I've aquired the demo software that comes pre-installed on the LPC1850EVAL-A4 board, however, I'm receiving the following error when building the "freertos" example software in my LCPXpresso IDE

Path of example code: C:\Users\janderson\Documents\LPC1850EVA-A4 Board Files\LPC4350_DemoFW.zip\LPC4350_DemoFW\boards\Hitex-LPC4300-A4\examples\freertos-4350


If I click through this error, it continues to build but then presents another error message:


When finished, the console presents another error:


Perhaps I am going about this the wrong way - please forgive my ignorance as I am new to this board and IDE.

As a side note, we have desoldered the target portion of the LPC1769 eval board in order to make use of it's LPC-Link 10-pin JTAG connector.

Thanks guys!

Hitex LPC1850EVAL-A4 Documentation: http://www.hitex.com/index.php?id=lpc1800-download

Demo Software Source: http://www.hitex-download.de/lpc/lpc1800/LPC4350_DemoFW.zip