Faster memory view?   + funny pic

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Sorry to posting this, as it is probably connected with already posted threads ...
Guess what is the value of audioPosRead ?
0 ? 512 ? or 186 ?
uint16_t global variable, lpc1114, debug, no -gc-sections ... and no stack overlap.
The debugger is simply joking ;-)
Please make possible bigger attachments, to put more screenshots here.

Can you provide link to 3.3.3 ?   Maybe is this fixed.

But what I want to ask:
- What is the simplest way to show content of buffer?
E.g. I have variable which is pointer to buffer, now I put it into expression window, from there copy value (addres of buffer), then switch into memory and add memory monitor with this addres. Isn't there something like click right button in code and select show in memory?
(When I right click on it in variable window it says that it evaluate into invalid address)

- why can't scroll in memory monitor to lower address, or why addres isn't editable?
Now it is not very handy when I need to look what is before. I must add new monitor with lower address.