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Content originally posted in LPCWare by MrFox on Mon Feb 21 05:57:02 MST 2011
Hi there.
First time with LPC Expresso and already its driving me crazy. Hurray, Blinky compiles successfully after bodging the instructions (the guide says Blinky and CMSIS is all you need, when you also need the library in the list too). But everytime I try to start a new project on a LPC1343 (going through all the menus to select it), it then hides all the .h files related to the board, so just entering:
Produces an error of cannot find file....
Ok, fair enough, I'll go locate it. Steal it from Blinky as it doesnt exist in LPC Expresso's folders? Could do.
Already this is annoying the hell out of me. I've used AVRStudio before and when you select the chip, it tends to offer you the files needed to use it..

Basically, I must of missed something simple but not mentioned in any of the "Getting Started" documents about how to actually set up a file in LPCExpresso...