LPC1343 USB CDC on windows7

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Batiste M on Tue May 28 07:45:45 MST 2013
i have my own board equipped with LPC1343F series.
A few month ago on windowsXP i created a serial over USB set of commands which was functionning OK.

I'm now re-building my project with latest LPCXpresso version (5.2.4_2122) + my PC is now on windows7, and now the USB CDC is not working anymore. After switching to the new firmware, windows do not detect my LPC anymore and it is displayed as "Unknown Device" with error code 43.
If I fall back to the old firmware which was compiled with an old LPCXpresso version (4.0.6_152) + windowsXP, then there is no problem, windows7 detects the device perfectly.

I assume there is something different in the compilation process due to my windows7, but i don't see where. My workspace is the exact same as before - maybe a tool option?
Of course i'm not able to run the same with windowsXP for comparison because i'm using a corporate PC with windows7 only.
I need help!