lpcexpresso JTAG debugger for lpc2106

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by -0o- on Thu May 23 19:28:55 MST 2013
Hi guys,

not sure if am allowed to say this but
I have an olimex lpc2106 board that I haven't used
yet been sitting around for over two years now...
since I have nothing to do this summer I was planning on playing with and I was wondering if the lpcexpresso's JTAG could be use for it ?
I have done few researching about the expresso and watch some couple of videos so to my knowledge I am assuming it can.
but I was wondering if anyone had tried and failed or encounted some issues ?I am not planning on getting the expresso itself for now, at least not yet.
based on what I had read, it is assumed that the lpc2106 hasn't been included in the on the code_red eclipse IDE library  but has anybody been able to bypass this ? sigh!...:confused: fine.. i'll get the expresso... can't sit around doing nothing this summer.