Target marked as non debuggable ???

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Rob65 on Sun Jun 24 10:13:00 MST 2012

this is strange.
I just hooked up a custom board I had on my desk to an LPC-Link interface.
Never had any problems with these boards and guess what ...

I am getting a "02: Failed to connect: Ep(01). Target marked as non debuggable" error.

After looking at the board I discovered that I removed the 3.3V regulator ...
So just to test I removed my board completely. and guess what:
I am still getting "Target marked as non debuggable" :eek:

So the error is wrong. The target is not marked as non debuggable, it's just not reachable.

I fixed the problem (placing a new 3.3V regulator) but I do understand that this can be very confusing to other engineers having problems connecting to their board.