LPCXpresso lpc1769 rev-c board

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by barianand on Sat Oct 24 04:04:36 MST 2015
I am beginner in lpc1227.
I am trying to program for lpc1227 with lpcxpresso v7.9.2_493 & through the LPCXpresso lpc1769 rev-c board.
I connect my lpcxpresso board with my lpc1227 board with the help of JTAG.
Now my problem is when i am connecting that LPCXpresso board to my computer it is not showing connected in my device manager.
& if still i am trying to debug my code then it shows mi such error.

cannot run program "wmic": createProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified.

Connect to emulator=>
This could be because it is disconnected , not powred , or already in use.

So now please help mi how to overcome this this problem.