Stalled on bus operation.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by micrio on Thu Apr 08 16:21:52 MST 2010
I have a curious problem. When I hit "debug" in the quickstart panel the app loads and then nothing! The message, "Stalled on bus operation" is displayed at the bottom of the window, (status area?). I do not get the debug panel. The "terminate" button in the console panel works, but that is not what I want.

My application is entirely interrupt driven so after initializing it executes a [B][COLOR=#7f0055][COLOR=#7f0055]asm[/COLOR][/COLOR][/B] ([COLOR=#2a00ff][COLOR=#2a00ff]"WFI"[/COLOR][/COLOR]); Could this be the issue? Previously the debugger would always set a breakpoint at "main" but no longer does. Is there a setting for this?

I can manually create a debug window and then I can stop my app and debug normally.

If I put a breakpoint before the [B][COLOR=#7f0055][COLOR=#7f0055]asm[/COLOR][/COLOR][/B] ([COLOR=#2a00ff][COLOR=#2a00ff]"WFI"[/COLOR][/COLOR]); it is ignored.

Are these bugs? Are they setup issues?