Target error from Commit Flash write in LPC1114/301

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by eduhidalgo on Fri Mar 11 04:54:38 MST 2011

I was working with my LPCXpresso. I did some changes in the code and when I tried debug this message appeared in screen. I think that the problem was this lines of code, but I´m not sure:
[SIZE=2]LPC_SYSCON->PDRUNCFG      = (1<<0)|(1<<1)|(1<<2);
LPC_SYSCON->SYSAHBCLKCTRL = (1<<2)|(1<<5)|(1<<0)|(1<<6)|(1<<3)|(1<<1)|(1<<16)|(1<<12);[/SIZE][/I]

Now I can´t debug anything. I can´t debug my code and I can´t debug the examples of LPCXpresso.

What could I do?

Best regards