Roadmap/Plan for future Cortex Mx parts?

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Greetings all, 

This may not be the absolute best place, but it's at least hosted by NXP, so I hope somebody who works for them will read and respond. 

One thing that (I think) would *significantly* help adoption of the LPC1xxx products would be publishing and *publicizing* info on what NXP is planning to do in the future for the LPC1xxx family,  AKA a roadmap. 
This is often done to let designers know what to expect (and that the company is still supporting new products in the family.) 

However, for the LPC1xxx, there is a curious lack of such info, at least that I've been able to find.   I've done a number of searches, and I have found virtually no info on future plans re new products for the LPC1xxx family. 
So, it's not clear whether/when NXP will bring out new models (e.g. with nore memory) or when.  Lack of such info tends to make some designers (myself among them) a tad nervous.  Is NXP's current development effort now focused on the Cortex M4? 

FWIW, I would particularly welcome USB-capable additions to the LPC11xx line and/or new products in the LCP13xx/LPC17xx lines that include the in-ROM USB support now present in the LPC1343. 

By the way, I urge NXP and ARM not do call any successor to that arch, the Cortex M5.  Any Star Trek fan knows that naming a computer M5 can only lead to big problems.   (For you non-Trek-fans, see the episode titled, "The Ultimate Computer.") 

-- Larry