Target behaving differently under LPCXpresso and stand alone?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by JesperWe on Thu Jan 09 06:03:24 MST 2014
I have made a nice little sensor controller board running with a LPC11U36.
It runs perfectly when I start it using an LPCXpresso debug session (via LPC-Link).
But as soon as I disconnect the debugger and let it boot on its own it stops working.

I have a heartbeat led on the board so I know the task scheduler is running fine, and it sends result data on the uart as it should. But the data is all wrong, so it looks like the I2C bus interface is not working. But I can't find what's wrong because as soon as I connect the debugger it works perfectly.

Any ideas what could cause the MCU to behave differently when started by the debugger and when running free?