LPC43xx: USBCMD_H register read makes system stall...

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Hi all,

I'm trying to adapt the Mass storage host example from nxpUSBLIB 0.92  for my needs. It used to work before, now the system stalls, debug  connection gets lost as soon as a simple "innocent" read of USBCMD_H  register takes place while configuring EHCI as USB host. I tried  LPCXpresso 4.2 with Red Probe + debugger and IAR6.30 with the native  J-Link. In the later case of IAR the plain source code of nxpUSBLIB was  used (not a precompiled library file)

MCU: LPC4350FET256
           PFM906.04    15

FILE: Drivers/USB/Core/LPC/HCD/EHCI/ehci.c
FUNCTION: static __INLINE HCD_STATUS EHciHostInit(uint8_t HostID)

the following instructions in general could cause troubles:

    EHCI_REG(HostID)->PERIODICLISTBASE = Align4k( (uint32_t)EHCI_FRAME_LIST(HostID) );

    i = EHCI_REG(HostID)->USBCMD_H;
    /*---------- USBCMD ----------*/
    EHCI_REG(HostID)->USBCMD_H |=    (EHC_USBCMD_AsynScheduleEnable | EHC_USBCMD_PeriodScheduleEnable |
                                    ((FRAMELIST_SIZE_BITS%4) << 2) | ((FRAMELIST_SIZE_BITS/4) << 15)) ;

    /*---------- CONFIGFLAG ----------*/
    /* LPC18xx doesn't has CONFIGFLAG register */

    /*---------- Power On RhPort ----------*/
    EHCI_REG(HostID)->PORTSC1_H |= EHC_PORTSC_PortPowerControl;
When I cut the whole block, no crash occured. As I stepped in, I could see that the system crashes each time when the value of USBCMD_H is loaded into one of R-registers
LDR.N    R0, <USB0 base> ; 0x40006000
LDR.W    R1, [R0, #0x140]; loading USBCMD_H and overkill
Then, I added a dummy read like [B]i = EHCI_REG(0)->USBCMD_H[/B] to see if I could simulate the crash myself. Unfortunately, yes, I could.

I attach two screenshot in a ZIP file. The second one shows that dummy read (i =...).

BTW, LPC1850 showed exactly the same behavior.
And one important note: If I run this programm from external flash, the behavior is the same - it hangs around that area.

I really hope I got a bad chip or a bad version. J-Link says it is [B]Cortex-M4 r0p1[/B].
Any ideas and hints are appreciated. I need this LPC4350 because of FPU.