Suggestion: "copy project into workspace" should be unchecked

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by MichelKuenemann on Thu Dec 18 20:09:09 MST 2014
Hi support,

I am a great fan of LPCxpresso and I develop many projects on LPC11C24, LPC1769 and LPC1549 targets since the beginning.

I have a suggestion:

In the "Import project(s)" wizard, the "copy project into workspace" checkbox should only be checked when one imports a project from a zip file. Otherwise, this option is VERY dangerous, because one gets new copies of the original source files, and that leads to many well known problems.

When I began using LPCxpresso, it was a common cause of problems for me, And even now; I omit sometimes to uncheck this (fkng) box !

Thank you.