GPIO too slow with CMSIS compiled with CodeRed

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by yoko on Tue Mar 15 19:16:24 MST 2011

   I have been doing a test with GPIO.  Test is very simple.  Just an endless while loop toggling an I/O pin. Like bellow

while(1) {
     LPC_GPIO1->FIOSET = (1 << 31);
     LPC_GPIO1->FIOCLR = (1 << 31);

This code compile using mBed online compiler, I can achieve ~24MHz.  Meseaured with a scope on the pin.  Same code compiled with CodeRed CMSIS, with modified clock setting for 120MHz CPU.  I get only <11MHz.  With default CodeRed CMSIS settings, I only get about 2MHz.  The tests ran on same board of course.

Can any one explain why and how performance can be improved ?  There must be some kind of settings that are missing.